Primark's Batman Beauty Range


As it's the Easter holidays and my friend and I have time off from work, we decided to meet up and have a mamoth shopping trip. As usual we hit Primark (or as we call it, Primani!) and I couldn't beloieve what I found... a BATMAN MAKE UP RANGE!!! 

The packaging of the range is SO cool and features matt black background with gold metallic detailing. I only bought the mascara and lipstick, but there's also an eyeliner available. 

For the price of just £2.50 the lipstick is, sadly, only available in one colour. It's a really dark berry red colour with a matte finish and a light scent of vanilla. To be honest, it's probably a little too dark for me personally as a daily wear but for a special occasion I can imagine that this would look really vampy and sophisticated. 

I tried a couple of methods to soften the colour... Firstly I blotted. This gave a softer 'wine red' look that I preferred. Secondly, to lighten the colour a little, I tried adding a layer of lipgloss in a lighter shade which worked quite well but obviously gave the lips a gloss finish instead! 

The texture of the lipstick feels really great and surprisingly the application was really smooth, without feeling too dry. If I didn't know any better I would compare the product to something in MAC's matte range! It does rub and smudge quite easily and the colour also does transfer so re-application is definitely needed if you want the colour to last!

I just wish there were mre colours available as this sadly isn't a shade I will be reaching for very often!

The mascara was slightly cheaper than the lipstick at jsut £2.00 and again is only available in one colour; black. I think this slightly has the edge for me as being my favourite of the two as it is literally perfect! It doesn't claim to be a lengthening or thickening mascara, so I didn't have any expectations but I have to say I was SO impressed with this. The brush is a great shape and feels lovely as it glides through the lashes. The colour is instantly noticeable rom root to tip and I didn't get any nasty clumps. The small bristles on the back of the wand were great for reaching the lower lashes and the long bristles on the front of the wand really do help to coat every lash. I'm completely sold!!!

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  1. I need it for my girlfriend, know of somewhere online where you can get it?

  2. algun lugar en linea o tu que puedashacer algun envio ?? los necesito

  3. Where can i get these items?!!! I need them!lol

  4. Did anyone get an answer as of where to buy??

  5. I'm not sure if you can actually buy this online, but this is the store's website...,r35397119163999


  6. De que marca es? Donde lo consigo?

  7. The mascara is available on eBay...

    1. Yo quiero unos productos tanto rimel como labial como compro?

    2. Yo quiero unos productos tanto rimel como labial como compro?

    3. you can buy them here


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