Our Kent Coastal Adventure: Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Joss Bay


To finish off a great Easter holiday, the boyfriend fiancée and I took a trip around the coast to a number of seaside towns in Kent. We started by visiting Ramsgate, which both of us have been to as kids, but neither of us can remember!

Admittedly there's not an awful lot at Ramsgate as it's pretty much just a harbour, but we had a lovely, gentle walk along the wall of the harbour and perused around the two brick-a-brack and antiques shops under the arches. 

We were pretty hungry after our drive and so we decided to stop for fish and chips in a pub called the Mariner's Bar. The decor was pretty cool; there were all sorts of boating equipment hanging from the ceiling (and even half a boat sticking out the side of the wall!) and poker cards, chips and dice inlaid into the tables. I had fish goujons with chips, nom!

After we left Ramsgate we took a drive to the next town, Broadstairs. My friends come here every year and so I really wanted to see what it was like.

The wind was really strong and the sea was really choppy. Shortly after taking this photo, the pair of us got absolutely drenched as the waves crashed over the wall. My hair was dripping wet and I am SO glad I decided to wear my 'big coat' as it would have been ten times worse if I'd only been in my jacket!

We decided to dry off with a well-deserved hot chocolate in Costa before heading back to the car park

We decided to take the coastal route around to Joss Bay, Cliffton, Margate and Birchington before heading back to the main road to London.

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