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Last week my friend celebrated her 27th Birthday and she decided the only way to do it was to go to Cream's Cafe for sundaes and milkshake!

I'd never been to a Cream's before but I'd heard a lot about them from other people and had previously stood outside the one in Brighton debating whether to go in or not, so I was majorly excited about going - that is until the night before when I read some really negative reviews online! There were claims that the staff were rude, waiting times were ridiculous, food was brought out at different times, the place was dirty and unhygienic... the list goes on, but as this particular Cream's has only just opened, I assumed that the reviews were down to teething problems, so went with an open mind without getting my hopes up too high.

We met outside the store at 5.30pm and were seated just after 6pm. The restaurant is absolutely tiny and so I can see why the queues outside this particular one can get so long. Maybe the queues will eventually get smaller as time goes on but for now having a dessert restaurant in our town is a bit of a novelty so as you can imagine, lots of people are talking about it and wanting to try it! I also think it makes a huge difference what time you decide to go too. Admittedly, the fact that we were between the afternoon rush and evening rush probably meant that our experience was better than others'. 

All of my friends decided to get ice cream sundaes and there are so many flavours on the menu to pick from! The blue sundae below was called the 'Pop Fizz' sundae and had bubblegum and strawberry ice cream with bubblegum flavoured sauce and popping candy in it. 

I'm not really much of an ice cream sundae kind of girl so I opted for a waffle - banoffee and nutella to be precise! It was HUGE!! 

We also decided to get milkshakes (which in hindsight was actually a really bad idea as it was so thick and heavy, and is definitely not what you want after gorging yourself on dessert!) My milkshake was Jammie Dodger flavoured, and no word of a lie, it ACTUALLY tasted like the real thing!

We finished the evening by heading to the local cocktail bar for some drinks and a cosy chat, but the evening pretty much ended up with us mouthing along to cheesy pop music and making up ridiculous dance moves while sitting at our table.

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