I'm Engaged: Tiffany Grace


So as I kinda pointed out in my post a couple of days ago, last month I got engaged! 

I won't go into the mushy details of how or where he did it, but the truth is he actually hadn't planned it and therefore hadn't bought a ring! Instead he asked my dad whether he could use my nan's ring to propose with and thought it would be a more sensible idea for us to pick my ring together. 

We looked in a number of high street jewellery shops first, but we had several failed attempts of finding 'the one' as neither of us managed to agree on any! They were either too big, too awkward or quite frankly, too ugly! I've also got tiny hands so I didn't want anything too big that would catch on anything.

Now he knows that I've always loved the idea of having a Tiffany ring and what I didn't know was that there is actually a Tiffany & Co. store in Canary Wharf, which is local to where we live, and so one day after work he decided to take me to the Wharf's shopping centre as a surprise. 

We were treated like Royalty in Tiffany's and upon choosing and agreeing on a ring, we were offered complimentary champagne to celebrate. Of course, I had to wait for the ring to be resized so it wasn't an instant process, but the wait was certainly worth it! 

The ring we chose was the Tiffany Grace ring and I couldn't be happier with it!!

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  1. Aww congratulations!! What a beautiful ring :) H xx


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