Goodbye Winter


Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring!

This winter seems to have flown by and we didn't even get one single flake of snow where I live. (Don't worry though, I still got to experience a snow machine in Rochester high street - although it literally went everywhere, including in the cup of hot chocolate that I was carrying!).

When I reflect on this last quarter, I actually did quite a lot! Since September, I've seen Fall Out Boy, Alan Carr and Jason Derulo... I visited the Clothes Show and the Cosmopolitan cocktail party... I've been to numerous Christmas Fairs... I had a Christmas Quiz party with some friends and had a wonderful Christmas day, closely followed by a 21st Birthday and a 30th Birthday in January... I visited Canterbury for the week to enrol in my final year at Uni... oh, and I GOT ENGAGED!!! 

So what's next for this season? Well I've already kickstarted the quarter with a Christening and I've got a birthday next weekend and a 70th birthday celebration next month. I'm also looking forward to seeing Busted and Sarah Millican perform, as well as a performance of The Mousetrap (an Agatha Christie play).

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