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PLEASE NOTE: Before anyone gets uppity about how weight loss pills are bad for you, etc. let me just say now that these are NOT weight loss pills. They are NOT a food replacement tablet or anything crazy like that - believe me I love my food way too much for that! They are vitamin tablets that ensure you're still getting the right vitamins while your body is changing due to weightloss. 

I've long wanted to try the BOOTEA detox tea but in all honesty I just detest tea. Seriously, I've tried all the fruity ones, herbal ones and natural ones, hoping that a different flavour might tempt my taste buds but I just cannot bear it. I'm dieting normally by eating healthily instead (I'm using the Weight Watchers diet, which is the only one recommended by the NHS, so it's very safe!) but in order to sustain my vitamin levels and make sure I'm not depleting myself of anything, I thought I'd try the herbal Multi Vits by BOOTEA. They cost £11.99 on the BOOTEA website but they're only £9.99 in Holland and Barrett, so that's where I went. (Unfortunately this product isn't included in the penny sale!) 

The tablets are large, white capsules - perhaps a little larger than I'd like them to be - but they're generally quite easy to swallow with a drink, but the smell is quite strong; so strong in fact that after you've touched the capsule, your fingers will indeed still smell herbal for quite some time.

So how did I feel? Well, I felt good - not necessarily any different, but I didn't feel like taking these had had any adverse reactions. The label does state that one possible side effect is a tingly feeling in your fingertips, which is due to an overdose of vitamin B6, which can be dangerous if sustained, but I personally didn't encounter this problem. 

The only problem I personally had, was that the taste repeated on me quite a lot during the day and gave me quite strong, herbal halitoses. 

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  2. Hi Steph,

    When do you think is the best time to take the vits? Before or after meal?



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