Birchbox: March


I'm so happy the weather's finally getting better - I hate taking photos in the winter time because they all come out really dark! Anyway... this month's Birchbox is called 'Word Up' and contains the following:
- Polaar IceSource Moisturising Gel
- a nourishing hair mask by amika
- a brow wand by ModelCo in the shade medium-dark
- Philip B's drop dead straightening baume
- colour enhancing lip balm by Arrow Boostand
- a sleep plus pillow spray by This Works

If you look on the Birchbox website, there's quite mixed responses towards this product, some stating that it's amazing, others however, stating that it's too 'pink' for them, but I suppose that's very much dependant on your skin tone - in the same way that some lipsticks don't work with my colouring. Initially I was worried that by the term 'colour boosting' it would be similar to those lip plumping lipsticks and glosses that make your lips feel all tingly and hot... I hate those with a passion as they make me feel SO uncomfortable! But I'm relieved to say this isn't like that at all. In fact it's quite a strange product in that it's actually practically clear! I can't work it out, but it somehow enhances your natural lip colour.

I already have a lavender pillow spray that I bought in Boots, but I only bought that one because it was cheaper than this particular brand. Although it is in essence the same thing, the two scents are actually quite different. I would say that this particular brand smells a lot less sweet than my other one and I may be wrong, but this one smells a little like it has some kind of menthol in it, perhaps to clear your airways and help you breathe deeper. Obviously this is just a sample sized vial, but I think it would be the perfect size to take on holiday - you know that feeling when you're in a different bed and you can't quite settle in to the strange new surroundings, this is great to pop in the holiday travel bag!

I hate writing negative reviews (although at least you can tell I'm being honest!) but I really wasn't impressed by this product. The idea is that you rub the serum between your hands and use your fingers to comb the product through damp hair, just before you dry and straighten your hair. I have to be honest though, I really didn't feel like this product made any difference and it made my hair feel really greasy!! I also don't really like the fact that it's a serum - I MUCH prefer sprays. In fact, if you're looking for a top notch straightening product, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Parlor Blow-out Spray instead!

This little tube is a facial moisturiser and I must admit I've only actually tried it once as I'm still coming to the bottom of the pot of my current moisturiser. The thing that sets this product apart from the rest is that it's a gel rather than a lotion and so the consistency of the product is a little different - although not necessarily in a bad way! The product still achieves the same dewy finish as other moisturisers.

A little while ago I was treated to a makeover at a Benefit counter in one of my local department stores and at the time they used their Gimme Brow wand (which has apparently won awards!). I liked it because it had tiny microfibres which filled in the brows as well as coating them. My brows are quite fair and very fine so I've never paid them too much attention as less is more with me; otherwise I run the risk of looking like I have two caterpillars nestling in above by eyes!

Anyway, what I mean is that I actually quite like the wand as opposed to using a pencil and so I was pleasantly surprised that this was included in this month's box. I still have to apply it quite lightly as it is a lot darker than my natural shade, but it definitely adds that extra finishing touch to any look!

The hair mask sample was provided in a disposable, one-use sachet, however the full sized version is provided in a pot. I LOVE the colours on the packaging and it makes it feel really clean and fresh before you've even opened it! The smell of the mask is really nice and it did make my hair feel really nourished afterwards.

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