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February's Birchbox theme is 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond' - which falls in line with Valentine's day - and also introduces Birchbox's new line, 'Love Of Colour' (aka, LOC). This month's box contains:

- 'Patagonia' Body Butter by AYRES
- One and Done Eyeshadow stick by LOC in the shade 'Champagne Problems'
- Spectrum Collection's tapered finishing brush
- theBalm cosmetics' 'Frat Boy' blush
- a vial of 'Style de Paris' eau de parfum by Catherine Malandrino 
- Firming collagen day cream by Eslor

As usual, the box is finished with a handy 'what's inside' leaflet, giving all the relevant information and instructions. 

This is probably my most used product in this month's box as the smell is so fresh and clean! It's a day cream that I've started wearing under my make up and gives a really radiant, dewy look that brightens your skin. I've not really noticed any firming action going on though!

My only complaint with this sample is the size. It's tiny! So small in fact that the only brush I can get to fit in the powder is an eye-shadow brush! I have to say though, that the pigmentation of this product is really strong, so in that respect it's great.

This is the first product from Birchbox's Love of Colour range. To be honest, this hasn't really got much use as of yet as I find that eye pencils are quite oily and often fade away or disappear into the crease of my eye, giving me a not-so-attractive brown line on my eyelid. Perhaps I'll think differently if I try an eye lid primer first...

This is a lovely product that smells SO good! It's not greasy like some body butters are, and I don't feel the irritating need to wipe it off after I use it, which is great! 

I have mixed feelings about this brush. It's so pretty and colourful and soft, but I don't feel like the bristles pick up very much of the product!

The last product in the box is the CM eau de parfum. I have to say I'm not really a fan of this particular product as I think the smell is quite sickly and sweet. Definitely not what I was expecting!

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