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Last weekend the BFF and I took a trip to Birmingham to visit the Clothes Show Live. I've been in the past with the BF and felt so guilty about dragging him around (even though he said he didn't mind) that i decided to invite my BFF instead and have a proper 'girlie day' together. We see each other once a week for a pub quiz but what with our busy schedules (and lack of money!), it's not as easy for us to take shopping marathons anymore (our record so far is 9 hours in a shopping mall!).

After a 3 hour car journey we arrived at the Clothes show and awe'd and ahh'ed at the giant displays sheer volume of people. Companies such as Rimmel, Bary M and Modles Own were exhibiting and selling goody bags, with products that valued £30-£50 for just £10! (I've learned that if I'm going to the Clothes Show, I need to save up those pennies!)
As usual with the Clothes Show there were plenty of celebs performing, signing and even exhibiting their products!! Andy Jordan (below) from Made in Chelsea not only performed on stage and then spent the rest of the day selling items from his clothing range, 'Après'. 
Similarly to Andy Jordan, Binky Felstead (Made in Chelsea), Billie Faires (The Only Way is Essex) and Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore) were signing and posing for photographs with every purchase of one of their items of clothing.  
In some way I think it's quite shallow that the celebrities are posing for photos if you purchase something, as it's almost encouraging you to buy something for the sake of it! With Andy Jordan's stall, this was definitely the case!! Bearing in mind that he retails a range of MENS clothing, the amount of young girls asking Andy (or AJ as his family call him) for help and spending £20-£40 on a mens tshirt just for a photo was embarrassing - and it was blindingly obvious too! I'm not slating the guy as I don't know him, but judging by the way he kept his fans waiting and turning his back on them, it seemed like he was loving the attention.

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