Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mac False Lashes Extreme Black Review

A little while ago I was randomly selected to receive a sample of Mac's False Lashes Extreme Black mascara, so I thought I would write up a quick review to let you know what I thought. First, let me just say that I LOVE Mac, in particular their lispticks, and am constantly checking their website for the latest products (so much so that their website is saved to my phone's homescreen) however I'm usually put off of buying some of them due to the hefty price tag that my student budget and low pay job just can't stretch to. On first impressions though, this seems like a nice product. The wand felt like it was of a really good quality and the consistency of the mascara seemed smooth and clump-free, although there did seem to be an odd smell to it, which was slightly offputting.

My eyelashes are quite short and fair, so I rely on mascara to make me feel more confident about them.


To be entirely honest, I wasnt massively impressed with this mascara. It made my eyelashes look and feel a bit dry and wirey and the brush didn't live up to my expectations as it didn't really do a very good job of combing through my lashes and coating them. I'm also not convinced that they really give the 'false lash' effect. While I was pleased to receive the sample and happy that I gave it a try, I think there are much better mascaras out there for a lot better value for money. 

I hate to say that, considering how much of a fan I am of Mac and their lipsticks (especially the limited edition packaging) but I have to be honest. At the moment I'm using Maybelline's Big Eyes double-ended mascara, which cost a purse-friendly £5.99 and I honestly feel that it is a much better product in comparison, with much better results. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Make Your Own Pressed Powders

I love Barry M Dazzle Dusts, but to be honest I'm not overly keen on loose powders. I'd much prefer them to be in the form on a pressed powder. 

Recently, one of my favourite powders got smashed in my bag. I was gutted, but after watching several videos on YouTube I learned how to fix it using rubbing alcohol. It's actually pretty easy and it made me think, why can't I use the same process to make my loose powders pressed instead?

You will need:
  • Loose powder of your choice
  • A glass or pot to mix in
  • Rubbing alcohol (I bought 500ml from Amazon for just £3!)
  • A pipette
  • A stirring spatula
  • An off cut of material
  • coins - or other circular object
  • Heavy books

Step 1:
Empty the loose powder into a mixing pot. I used an old glass that used to be a candle! If you're repairing a smashed powder, it's a good idea to break it up into smaller pieces so that you don't get any lumps!

Step 2:
Carefully add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to your powder. Sadly I can't tell you the exact amount of alcohol you'll need, as it depends on the amount of powder you're mixing. 

Step 3:
Keep adding the alcohol and stirring the mix until you get a very smooth paste. Don't worry if you accidentally add to much alcohol, it just means it'll take a little longer to set and for the alcohol to evaporate

Step 4:
Spoon the mix back into the pot


Step 5:
...and gently tap the pot to make sure your mix is level and any air bubbles can escape.


Step 6:
Now to press the powder... Cover your pot with an off cut of material and pop in some coins. I found that 5ps worked well for this sized pot, but the larger your pan, the larger object you will need. You need to make sure it is a flat object as you need to add pressure across the whole are.

Step 7:
Lastly, add some weight! I found that text books worked really well. You'll need to leave this to set - I usually leave it overnight. Be warned though, if you uncover it too early, the powder will start to crack!


Trouble shooting:
  • If you add too much alcohol to the mix, don't worry as it will all evaporate anyway. It will just take a little longer, that's all.
  • Make sure you press the powder with lots of weight. If you don't press the powder and just leave it, the powder will crack and when the alcohol evaporates, you'll be left with loose powder again. You really need to compact it all together.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Body Jewellery Shop - A Review*

Last week I was lucky enough to be gifted with three pairs of earrings from The Body Jewellery Shop

Whether you have an ear piercing or other body piercing, I'm positive that you will find something on this site for you as they stock a huuuuuge number of different styles of body jewellery on their website, including earrings, barbells, tragus jewellery and even tongue bars! The best thing is though, they're super affordable, starting at only £1.99 per pair!

The earrings were well packaged and arrived individually wrapped in a perfectly sized jiffy bag and there are no big logos to suggest that there is jewellery inside, which is good because it means there is a very low chance of the package getting stolen on its way to you! Delivery prices start at just £1.35 but it's free if you spend over £10 - which, trust me, isn't hard to do! They even post internationally!

So here are the three pairs of earrings I received...

These earrings really are cute and are ideal, whether it's for everyday wear or for a special occasion - speaking of which, I have a wedding to go to next week so these will be perfect! They're really dainty and will literally go with any outfit as they are clear, unlike the other two I received. The earrings and butterflies are 925 Silver so will not make your ear go green, which is great because my ears are really sensitive, and I love the fact that the jewel is held in really securely, which is something that I've been aware of since my last earrings broke, leaving just the silver stud in my ear. I'm literally so happy with these, but if you'd rather add a touch of colour to your outfit, they're also available in pink and blue.

Now these certainly take me back to my awkward teenage years! I can remember going to Camden market every Saturday with my friends because we were little 'emo' kids back then and dices were so fashionable so I bought myself a pair of dice earrings very similar to these but they were so tiny and made my ears go green - yuck! It was my own fault really, as I should have known better than to buy from a market stall, but these ones are SO much better. Because the backs are stainless steel, they don't irritate or discolour the ear at all. There are 10 different colour varieties for these earrings on their website, so plenty of choice!

I've had so many compliments on these already! Sadly the photos above don't do these earrings the justice they deserve and I tried so hard to capture the light and sparkles in these earrings but they are a lot more shiny in real life. I'm almost tempted to say they should be called 'space dust' earrings as that's kind of what they remind me of! Anyway, they're really high quality and help to 'glam up' an outfit. Similarly to the dice earrings above, they are made of stainless steel and are really comfortable to wear. I wear a lot of blue so luckily these will go with a lot of the outfits I own, but if blue's not your thing, they also do them in a umber of other colours, including two different shades of pink, silver, turqouise and purple.

Click here to buy the blue glitter stud earrings on their website!


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