Mac Wash and Dry: Tumble Dry: A Review


I was uber excited that Mac were releasing the Wash & Dry collection. Having purchased both lipsticks in the Cinderella range, I couldn't wait to see what else they had up their sleeves for us. 

Mac released four shades of lipstick: Creme D'Nude, Tumble Dry, Morange and Steam Heat. I opted for Tumble Dry as I wanted a natural sheen effect. 

Mac surprised us all by releasing their range earlier than advertised and sadly all of the colours had completely sold out on their website. I was pretty miffed, but heard through the grapevine (and a LOT of internet googling) that it would be released a week later in stores. The only problem though? I had to work. Given that the Cinderella range sold out within the hour, I pretty much had no chance, but then I had the brainwave that department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser ALSO stock Mac products on their website. So, at 7.30am before I left for work I shot onto the John Lewis website and to my immense joy, there were online and there were 5 left in stock! Phew! I ordered myself one and had it delivered to the store free of charge, ready for collection the following day.

The packaging is delicious and super shiny! Even though the bullet is black, the Mac logo has been carefully transferred onto it, which you can just about see in the right light.

This particular shade is a Lustre. I have to agree with the majority of reviewers I have read and watched online when they say that they are not fans of the Lustre lipsticks. I personally much prefer Creamsheen lipsticks for their creamy texture, moisturising feel and strong pigmentation. I feel as though I have to smother my lips with this Lustre to get any colour to transfer. The other really annoying thing is that, after only half an hour of wearing the lipstick, it got caught up in the creases of my lips and looked a bit... well... off putting, shall we say.

The colour is quite a strong peachy-orange colour when swatched but isn't as strong when applied. It also has some blue undertones to it and a gorgeous glisten that reflects the light really well and gives a pretty, fresh 'wet look' that makes your lips look really soft.

That's not to say I don't like this lipstick; I do, however I don't think I will be reaching for it as frequently as the other Mac lipsticks I own. I will just have to be very aware of myself and regularly 'top up' my lips to ensure the colour stays in place.

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