Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo: A Review


I've heard a lot about Aussie shampoos but until recently had never actually tried them myself. I've always thought they were quite expensive, considering you can buy other high quality shampoos (in much larger bottles) for a cheaper price. This particular one though, was on offer. I think I picked the bottle up for around £2 in Asda one evening and thought I would give it a try.

I don't generally have 'frizzy' hair; it's pretty much straight with a few waves here and there, but it can often get quite static-y and splay out in different directions, so I picked it up anyway.

The smell is uh-ma-zing! It's a really fresh scent that's actually quite calming, however I found that the colour of the shampoo itself, despite foaming up into a white fluffy bubbly mass, left my plug holes blue! 

The shampoo foams up really easily - not like some others I've tried - and the formula is really rich and moisturising. When I was drying my hair, it did feel a bit sticky in places, which I assume is the moisturising 'coating' that is left on the hair, but with some blow drying, the sticky-ness went away. 

True to it's word, despite my naturally straight hair, this shampoo really did make a noticeable difference and I found that my hair looked a lot smoother and sleeker than usual. There were no wirey bits of hair straying from my parting and the colours and tones of my hair were really deep - which looked great in the sun!

The fantastic thing about this shampoo is that the ingredients list includes natural extracts, such as 'Australian blue gum leaves' and there are no parabens!

I definitely would buy this shampoo again as I feel it really worked well with my hair. Of course, everyone is different so it may not necessarily work for everybody - for example, my hair is really thick so I have to use products such as Head & Shoulders, TreSemme, Pantenne etc to get a really thorough clean. This one definitely matches their standards! Products such as Herbal Essences and Garnier just don't work well for me! 

Is it worth the money? Yes I think it is, but if I can get a larger bottle of TreSemme for a cheaper price, I would probably opt for that to be honest, and save Aussie for my 'treat' if it is on offer.

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