A Lovely Seal-prise At The Beach!


The other day I went with my boyfriend's family to Norfolk. Along the North-Norfolk coastline there is a beautiful beach called Wells Next The Sea. We've been there quite a lot and had always heard stories about how wild seals beach there, but had never actually seen them. You can go on boat trips to see them too, but since I am a complete wuss when it comes to boats, we have never done that either.

Well, as we were walking along, we saw some commotion. A couple of people had stopped and were pointing out to sea. As we got closer we realised there was something in the water... a seal!! It was tiny so it can't have been very old, but it was very playful and started teasing a dog by bobbing up and down in the water. I honestly couldn't believe it!

The seal hung around for about 10 minutes, getting in and out the water, before swimming away. I managed to grab a couple of shots on my phone, but I wish I had taken my 'proper' camera with me!

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