The Perks Of Being Ami Bloggers Secret Santa 2014!


Back in December, Ami hosted a fantastic
Bloggers Secret Santa.
Each blogger was paired up with another and our mission was to read their blog, tweets and instagram and buy a Christmas present for them within a set budget. I was paired up with the gorgeous Tori from A Wonderful World.
Tori started blogging at a Wonderful World in 2013 and it's been great to read through her posts, twitter and her instagram photos! She is a huge fan of fashion, travel and beauty products - me too! - and writes great reviews. She even owns a Mulberry bag - jealous!! It's given me lots of ideas for her secret santa gift though!
I was super excited when I opened Tori's parcel! Inside were five... yes, FIVE... beautifully wrapped gifts and a lovely hand-written Christmas card.


The gifts inside were absolutely perfect! There were two Yankee Candle samplers; one in 'Apple & Pine Needle' and the other in 'Candy Cane Lane'. I adore candles and both scents were amazing but I think the candy cane was my favourite!

Next was this cute little pot of lip balm - not only does it come in this cute little heart shaped cupcake pot, but it's also chocolate flavoured!!

I looooove Malteasers but I've never had one of these before! It's a reindeer shaped 'Merryteaser'

And finally (my favourite one!) a beautiful butterfly scarf! I have literally worn this every day since. It's so soft and goes with my coat and with any outfit.

Thank you SO much, Tori!!!! I've really enjoyed this experience and it's great to have you as a new blogger friend :-)

And this is what I sent her...
... What do you think's inside??

Click the links below to go to Ami and Tori's blogs!


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  1. Hi Steph,
    I love your blog post and I loved everything that you sent me in the secret Santa!! Sorry it's taken me so long to follow your blog!!


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