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The other day I received an email from a lovely lady called Lizzie asking whether she could guest blog as it is a New Year's resolution of hers to get more experience in the blogging community. Of course I accepted; I love the idea of guest blogging and making new blogging friends! If you haven't read Lizzie's blog before, you simply must!

How To Organise A Hen Do

Girls On Tour
After a dear friend of mine got engaged over New Year, I was commissioned with the task of being Maid Of Honour and therefore head organiser of the Hen Do. Although I’ve got an OCD in organisation (which I’m sure is exactly why she choose me), I’ve never organised something on such a large scale, or that would ultimately show my credentials as a friend. Opening my world up to a new element of stress, my life has been practically put on hold whilst I ensure that every part of this Hen Do has been planned to meticulous detail. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I know that soon I’m not going to be the only panic stricken girl scouring the web for unique or unusual event ideas to steal as my own. So I thought I might impart some advice in the hope of saving you all some sleepless nights.

The VIPs
The invitation list is a hot concern, and if you’ve not been attached to your friends hip for her entire life there may be people that she’ll need to give you a heads up about. Before you start any planning ask your friend who she’d like to invite. Because at the end of the day you’re not a mind reader, and you might never have even met twice removed Auntie Anne,so how are going to know she even exists if you don’t ask. It may seem like an obvious one, but I hands down know of people who’ve simply gone through the friends list on Facebook and ended up holding a surprise that was more awkward than an I don’t at the altar. If it is a surprise, get the help of the entire bridal party to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone significant.

It’s A Date
Set a date as early as possible to make sure your VIP’s have plenty of time to organise their budget for the big event. Don’t be a rookie and book it too close to the wedding. At least a month in advance is plenty of time. Booking the venue and activities as soon as possible is essential to avoid disappointment especially for those that are based in popular locations such as London or Manchester. Unfortunately there’ll always be those dropping out, but make sure you crack the whip with the late deciders who’ll no doubt be dragging out your organising of the entire event. It’s usually at this stage of the event that the hair loss begins, but I managed to find this really cool website to borrow some ideas from.

Location Location Location 
Hen dos can be a peculiar event as you have a pick & mix of people all with different tastes, and of course different relations to the bride. Party prudes versus party girls can be a tough task when you want to please everyone. If it’s possible try to split the day in two. The less inclined for late night drinks may prefer a spa day and then the evening can be all about the wild antics you don’t want your Granny to see. Whatever you decide to do I would always consult with everyone about the Location itself. If you’re looking to go abroad make sure they can all realistically afford it, as you don’t want anyone owing you money at the end of it. Alternatively there are some really cool transport companies such as these that can take you to a desired destination here in the UK. Whether it’s a limo or a double decker bus, travelling in style is more affordable and fun when split between a party.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
At the end of all the organising don’t forget to actually have fun on the day. It’s easy to become a control freak wanting it all to go smoothly, but sometimes things just run a little late and you have to improvise. Keep games on hand for any hiccups that might occur and just go with the flow. Sometimes the best memories are those that haven’t been planned.

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