Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Tips for Studying at Home

You might have noticed that the blog posts from me have been few
and far between recently...
That's because at the beginning of this month I started my Masters, woop woop! It's a distance learning course so I get to work at the same time, but I had to stay at the University for a week for my induction period. It was quite exciting actually, being able to stay in a new place and discover what the town has to offer, and the tutors and other people on my course were really friendly and helpful, so I'm quite at ease about the whole thing. I think I would have been majorly disadvantaged had I not been able to go!

Anyway, it got me thinking about different blog posts I could write in the future and I thought I would share with you some tips for juggling work, study and play. I imagine a fair few of you reading this now are either at or have been to uni, so feel free to add extra advice in the comments below :)
10 Tips for Studying at Home
1. Keep a calendar or diary close by. This one sounds so obvious but how else are you going to know when your assignments are due? Personally I'm a very visual person so I like to have a planner on my wall, that way I can see exactly how many weeks there are until the next deadline.
2. Study in the same place each time. I know it's tempting to move around the house and study in front of the tv, at work during a lunch break or even at a friend's house, but studies show that you actually remember more information if you study in the same place. It also means you can leave your books open and literally carry on where you left off because you won't have to waste time unpacking your things every time and settling down! Try to pick somewhere quiet with lots of space and good lighting. It's also a good idea to pick a room with a door so that you can close it or put up a sign to signify that you are busy, and try to pick somewhere different to your regular living areas, ie. not your bedroom or your living room. You need a place where mentally you can switch to 'study mode' without associating it with any distractions. 
3. Drink lots of fluids. Always have a drink by your desk so you don't get dehydrated. It's good for your brain power too!
4. Keep a study timetable. For me, each week is different, so I've literally printed out a blank timetable per week and filled it in by hand. Write in all your fixed commitments first and then schedule any other commitments and study time around it. That means you can still go to that important Birthday meal, as long as you pencil your study time in somewhere else to make up for it.
5. Keep a notebook by your side when reading. If you find a quote that you think will be useful, write it down - and don't forget to write what book it's from and what page numbers, so you can jump back to it later. It comes in SO useful when referencing too!
6. Speaking of referencing, don't save them for last!! Every time you mention a quote in your essay add the references at the bottom, that way you won't have to try and remember the title so you can re-borrow it from the library. But remember, if you decide to remove the quote from your work, remove the reference too!
7. If you're not sure about something, don't suffer in silence, email your tutor or ask one of your peers for guidance. By no means do I mean copy their work, but they may be able to explain, rephase or give you examples so that things are easier to understand.
8. Set yourself mini-goals. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! If you say to yourself "today I'm going to read 2 chapters" then you can always try to out-do your target if you feel you can. You can give yourself rewards if you like as a helpful incentive, for example, "for every chapter I read, I can watch one episode of ________", or "once I finish this module I will treat myself to a ________"
9. Let other people know! If you make people aware that you are studying for a certain qualification, chances are they'll be a lot more understanding and will give you the time and space you need.
10. Enjoy it! Yes, there will be highs and there will be lows, but you only get out what you put in, so if you're studying a subject you don't enjoy or believe in, then you shouldn't be studying it! If you're studying at uni, you're there because you chose and have paid to do so. Don't waste your opportunity.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guest Blogger: Lizzie from

The other day I received an email from a lovely lady called Lizzie asking whether she could guest blog as it is a New Year's resolution of hers to get more experience in the blogging community. Of course I accepted; I love the idea of guest blogging and making new blogging friends! If you haven't read Lizzie's blog before, you simply must!

How To Organise A Hen Do

Girls On Tour
After a dear friend of mine got engaged over New Year, I was commissioned with the task of being Maid Of Honour and therefore head organiser of the Hen Do. Although I’ve got an OCD in organisation (which I’m sure is exactly why she choose me), I’ve never organised something on such a large scale, or that would ultimately show my credentials as a friend. Opening my world up to a new element of stress, my life has been practically put on hold whilst I ensure that every part of this Hen Do has been planned to meticulous detail. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I know that soon I’m not going to be the only panic stricken girl scouring the web for unique or unusual event ideas to steal as my own. So I thought I might impart some advice in the hope of saving you all some sleepless nights.

The VIPs
The invitation list is a hot concern, and if you’ve not been attached to your friends hip for her entire life there may be people that she’ll need to give you a heads up about. Before you start any planning ask your friend who she’d like to invite. Because at the end of the day you’re not a mind reader, and you might never have even met twice removed Auntie Anne,so how are going to know she even exists if you don’t ask. It may seem like an obvious one, but I hands down know of people who’ve simply gone through the friends list on Facebook and ended up holding a surprise that was more awkward than an I don’t at the altar. If it is a surprise, get the help of the entire bridal party to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone significant.

It’s A Date
Set a date as early as possible to make sure your VIP’s have plenty of time to organise their budget for the big event. Don’t be a rookie and book it too close to the wedding. At least a month in advance is plenty of time. Booking the venue and activities as soon as possible is essential to avoid disappointment especially for those that are based in popular locations such as London or Manchester. Unfortunately there’ll always be those dropping out, but make sure you crack the whip with the late deciders who’ll no doubt be dragging out your organising of the entire event. It’s usually at this stage of the event that the hair loss begins, but I managed to find this really cool website to borrow some ideas from.

Location Location Location 
Hen dos can be a peculiar event as you have a pick & mix of people all with different tastes, and of course different relations to the bride. Party prudes versus party girls can be a tough task when you want to please everyone. If it’s possible try to split the day in two. The less inclined for late night drinks may prefer a spa day and then the evening can be all about the wild antics you don’t want your Granny to see. Whatever you decide to do I would always consult with everyone about the Location itself. If you’re looking to go abroad make sure they can all realistically afford it, as you don’t want anyone owing you money at the end of it. Alternatively there are some really cool transport companies such as these that can take you to a desired destination here in the UK. Whether it’s a limo or a double decker bus, travelling in style is more affordable and fun when split between a party.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
At the end of all the organising don’t forget to actually have fun on the day. It’s easy to become a control freak wanting it all to go smoothly, but sometimes things just run a little late and you have to improvise. Keep games on hand for any hiccups that might occur and just go with the flow. Sometimes the best memories are those that haven’t been planned.

You can visit Lizzie's blog and check out her other links below!

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Monday, 5 January 2015

My New Years Resolution

I always struggle writing these kind of posts. I end up making the same list every year that usually involve 'lose weight', 'save money' and 'be happy'. The thing is, until last year I had never actually done any of them! 

Last summer, I was walking around my workplace, feeling... well, just icky... that's probably the only way of describing it. I felt heavy, tired and completely unmotivated. That is when I decided to do something about it. I joined up to Weight Watchers and lost 3 stone in 6 months. It made me realise that actually, if I really want something, I should do it because I am stronger than I think I am. 

resolution/rɛzəˈluːʃ(ə)n/      noun.

  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  2. the quality of being determined or resolute.
  3. the action of solving a problem or contentious matter.

My resolutions this year:

  • Weigh a healthy (for my height) 10 stone by the Easter holidays
  • Go to yoga classes every fortnight
  • Go to the gym more
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude
  • Work hard at my Masters
  • Make a routine for myself 
  • Get a job I enjoy!!!
  • Save money/spend less!!
  • Go on adventures - days out
  • Walk more
  • Spend more quality time with my family
  • Clear out and get organised
  • Read the books I've bought and then sell/swap them
  • Book a holiday
  • Visit the brother in York
  • Go to Candles on the Cobb

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blog Sale!!

To welcome in the new year and to make some space in my drawer I felt it was time to go through my make up and get rid of a few things I don't use. Everybody makes mistakes, myself included, and I certainly have made some wrong colour choices! It seems a shame to throw away things that are pretty much brand new, so I thought I would have a little blog sale :-)

If you'd like to buy something or have any questions, please comment, tweet or email me so we can arrange payment via PayPal.


Terms: UK only, Paypal only, all items described honestly.

Dream Matte Mousse in shade 30 'Sand', has one fingerprint from where I tested the colour but never used. £4.50

Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in shade 30 'Sand'. Full bottle. Only opened once to test colour. £5.00

St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml (wash off). Full and never used. £4.00

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream 30ml. Full and never used. £8.00

Claudia Stevens Skin Toning Stick. Used once. £3.00

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in shade 020 'Shake Up Pink'. Used on my hand to test colour. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE TWO OF THESE FOR SALE £4.50 each

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade 320 'Funtime Fuchsia'. Used on my hand to test colour. £4.50

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in shade 101. Used on my hand to test colour. £4.50

The Only Way Is Essex fake eyelashes with adhesive. New in box. £2.50

Osiris Avisé CC Cream in 'tanned' 35ml. Used once. £2.50

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Perks Of Being Ami Bloggers Secret Santa 2014!

Back in December, Ami hosted a fantastic
Bloggers Secret Santa.
Each blogger was paired up with another and our mission was to read their blog, tweets and instagram and buy a Christmas present for them within a set budget. I was paired up with the gorgeous Tori from A Wonderful World.
Tori started blogging at a Wonderful World in 2013 and it's been great to read through her posts, twitter and her instagram photos! She is a huge fan of fashion, travel and beauty products - me too! - and writes great reviews. She even owns a Mulberry bag - jealous!! It's given me lots of ideas for her secret santa gift though!
I was super excited when I opened Tori's parcel! Inside were five... yes, FIVE... beautifully wrapped gifts and a lovely hand-written Christmas card.


The gifts inside were absolutely perfect! There were two Yankee Candle samplers; one in 'Apple & Pine Needle' and the other in 'Candy Cane Lane'. I adore candles and both scents were amazing but I think the candy cane was my favourite!

Next was this cute little pot of lip balm - not only does it come in this cute little heart shaped cupcake pot, but it's also chocolate flavoured!!

I looooove Malteasers but I've never had one of these before! It's a reindeer shaped 'Merryteaser'

And finally (my favourite one!) a beautiful butterfly scarf! I have literally worn this every day since. It's so soft and goes with my coat and with any outfit.

Thank you SO much, Tori!!!! I've really enjoyed this experience and it's great to have you as a new blogger friend :-)

And this is what I sent her...
... What do you think's inside??

Click the links below to go to Ami and Tori's blogs!