Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Present Thanks

I hate the word 'haul'. For me it casts mental images of giant sacks and sounds unappreciative - but that's just me! So rather than calling this a Christmas Haul, I've decided to call it my Christmas Present Thanks!

From my mum and dad I was given two gorgeous jumpers, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, 1989 by Taylor Swift, Inbetweeners 2, a pair if heart shaped hand warmers and Maybelline's Collosal Go Extreme mascara in leather black.

The bestie bought me an Alice in Wonderland cami, a nude scarf and a Vanilla and Honey Oil burner.

From the bf I was given Russell Howard's Wonderbox DVD, a set if syrups to put in my hot chocolate (because I don't drink coffee and I've been totally obsessed with the Black Forest hot chocolate in Costa!), Very Irresistable by Givenchy and the complete set of Beatrice Potter books. I grew up reading these books so this was such a beautiful surprise!

The bf's parents gave me some Minnie Mouse goodies - a pair of slippers and pyjamas, a Cath Kidston wash set and a musical tin filled with yummy biscuits!

The bf's sister and fiancée gave me some pyjamas too, as well as some bath fizzers and a wash bag.

My mum's friend gave me a couple of trivia games, one about music and the other about movies. 

Another friend also bought me a Cocoa Trio tin which is filled with three different flavours of hot chocolate. 

I think my favourite gift though has to be my new decks from my parents! I'm such a music geek so this really is the bees knees! 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

What's On My Christmas List?

I hate asking for things... I'm not the kind of person who usually puts together a Christmas list and hands it out to all her family and friends to buy from. It's not that I'm ungreatful or lazy, but the truth is I like to be surprised! I guess you could say I'm 'that awkward one' who everyone knows and hates buying for because they never know what to get! Sorryyyy!
But I thought I'd put together a little wishlist for a change :-)
1. Glow Highlighter by Topshop - I've never tried any of the Topshop products but I hear they're very good! I went into my local store to have a little browse and fell in love with this creamy highlighter.
2. My Burberry perfume. It's just gorgeous.
3. An external hard-drive. (another one!) My computer's really struggling for space now but I just haven't got the heart to delete all of my Uni work just yet, and I have lots of other files like photographs which I would like to keep but don't use on a regular basis, so an extra hard-drive would be great!
4. 'Beauty' by Lauren Conrad - I love Lauren Conrad so much and I think she has a great sense of fashion and style. I already own 'Style' but I just haven't got round to buying this one yet...
5. 1989 by Taylor Swift
6. Very Irresistable by Givenchy - another perfume?? Erm, yes!
7. 'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg - I was SO excited the other day when I got to my local shopping mall and saw that Zoe, aka Zoella was doing a signing! Sadly though, it was 'wristbands only' and I never got the memo :-(
8. A Lokai bracelet - have you heard of these? They're simply beautiful. It's designed to give you a good balance in life and two of the beads contain mud from the Dead Sea, and water from Mt. Everest.
9. A Cable Knit Jumper - this is my favourite style of jumper. Fingers crossed for a cream one!
10. The Inbetweeners 2 Movie - because who doesn't love the Inbetweeners?!

Friday, 5 December 2014

December Goals

Woohoo, it's nearly Christmas!!!
It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Wow, can you believe it's December already?! This year has literally flown by. I've left it a little bit late this month to post this, since we're already 5 days in to the month, but it still counts, so here they are!

1. Meet up with as many friends and family as possible! Spread the love and spread the happiness :) Oh, and take lots of photos!
2. Get all my presents wrapped and cards written by the end of next week - and don't forget to post them! I just have one present left to buy and I have NO idea what to get... eejk!
3. Apply for the Masters course - Ahh, I can't believe I'm actually applying to go back to Uni! I'm SO excited, but a little bit nervous too. I have to apply asap and hopefully pass an interview before I can officially get on to the course, which starts next month. It's all happening so quickly!
4. Empty my 'Gratuity Jar' at the end of the month and read out all the good things to be proud of that I've done this year. I'll do a post about this when I do it!
5. Spend more time on my blog - There are always events that seem to get in the way - especially at this time of the year! - so it'd be amazing if I could set aside some 'me' time and write some posts.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Elle Magazine and Benefit Push Up Liner Review

I have to openly admit that I am a bit of a magazine hoarder. As usual, the pretty colours were screaming at me from the shelves this week and when I saw that the latest issue of 'Elle' not only features Emma Watson (I'm not really a 'fan', but I have a new found respect for her after her equality campagne) but also comes with a FREE Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, I thought it was worth buying.

I love Benefit products, especially their They're Real Mascara, so I was super excited about this one!

I've heard very mixed reviews about this particular liner, so I thought the only way to truly find out what it was like was to try it. BUT... before I even opened the box I was made to feel slightly uneasy and completely befuddled by the instructions on the magazine. They were making this sound much more complicated than it needed to be!

The packaging, as lovely and high quality as it was, was a little bit unnecessary and without scissors took me a while to break in to the stechy polyethylene bag. It's not like a foil kit-kat wrapper that you can smoothly peel open, oh no!

When I opened the wrapper and took the lid off the liner to have a look, I noticed a little orange hygiene 'cap' on the tip - great idea if you ask me, not only do I know nobody else has tried it, but it also stops leakage and air getting to the product *thumbs up!* I flicked it off and proceeded to apply.

This is where I got really confused... the instructions said to squeeze the base to make the gel come to the top... but it's solid?! Hmm.. maybe I'm supposed to squeeze the rubber neck? Nothing... Do I twist? Argh! What do I do?!

I concluded that the only reasonable idea was to squeeze the rubber neck. Success!

Admittedly, the colour of the gel is a very strong black and isn't 'washed out' like most other liners can be and it stays in place for a super-long time. In fact, there's a special They're Real remover to help take it off!

To be entirely honest, I'm not swayed by the idea. I like the concept of being a push-up, rather than a pencil which blunts and needs a whole lotta sharpening, but I'm also way too attached to my liquid liners