Preparing For Christmas Part 3: The Perfect Party Dress


This month and next month I imagine you have a LOT of parties to go to...
the office party, the family get-together, the Christmas eve soiree...
And I bet you're thinking one thing...
What am I going to WEAR?!

Let's be honest... are we going to be seeing the same people at every party? Probably not... So why waste money buying five different dresses when you can just get away with one, and mixing up the accessories to suit the occasion?

Coco Chanel was a style icon... but unknowingly she also became a money-saving goddess when she invented the 'LBD' (the little black dress). Who would have thought that one dress could be suitable for SO many occasions?!

Let's look at an example... using the SAME dress, here's a variety of different looks

The Evening Soiree:
LBD at Christmas
The gold highlights to this dress and bold red lip help add class and sophistication, but be careful not to overdo it! Too much gold could make you look like Mr. T - not cool!

The Office Party:
LBD Christmas 2
Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours, and flat shoes will help keep you dancing all night long without falling over and looking like the Office Idiot - trust me, that kind of reputation will stick with you! The santa hat adds a playful, informal element and makes you stand out in a crowd.

Girls' Night Out:
LBD Christmas 3
The red tights, wedge heels and novelty bag keep this outfit young and playful, so it is perfect for meeting up with friends and having a girlie night out.

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