Preparing For Christmas Part 2: Homemade Gifts


I'm not sure why, but a lot of people seem to have a stigma against homemade gifts. In my eyes, if someone's taken the time to create something from scratch with you in mind, that's much better than heading out to the shops in a mad rush and buying something just for the sake of it!

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for inspiration!

Admittedy, I'm very fortunate because I work in the Technology department in a school, so I have access to lots of machinery and materials. (Don't worry, I always provide my own materials and ask permission from my boss first, but sometimes she lets me use scraps from the leftovers box!) 

I've managed to make gifts in the past like this Hello Kitty necklace....

...and this QPR football mug; one for my dad and one for my uncle.

(I've blurred out his name that's written on the shirt)

Since the shabby-chic trend came into fashion though, homemade gifts have been widely accepted and are sold online via stores like etsy, or at local craft fairs and boot sales. If you live anywhere near South East London, keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas Craft Fair that takes place at the O2!! I went there last year, and I literally could have bought everything!! If you can't get to a craft fair but fancy having a go yourself, check out these ideas:

1. Homemade Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Simple, yet effective - and great for cosying up with on a cold winters evening. Just add hot water or hot milk and voila!

There are lots of different recipes for this but my favourite one is by 30 Pounds Of Apples, which has really clear instructions and amazing photos. Enjoy!

2. Homemade Cookies-and-Cream Fudge

I've made this recipe a few times now and every time it's been a success! Once you get the basic recipe perfected, then you can try adding in different ingredients, like chocolate chips, raisins, marshmallow, even Baileys... As long as you old enough to drink! ...the possibilities are endless!

My dad actually found this recipe a few months ago, and we've been using it ever since! Take a look at the Food website to see how it's made!

3. Homemade (although technically this one's home-compiled) Pamper Hamper

I did this last year for my boyfriend's sister, and it's a great one for your female friends or relatives - especially mother-in-laws - if they deserve a bit of 'me' time.

A lot of hampers in my opinion are quite overpriced and you don't always get the best products in them. Making an individual 'pamper hamper' can not only work out cheaper (if you are thrifty and search around) but is also a lot more personal and can make the recipient feel a lot more special.

You don't even necessarily need a wicker hamper either, you could just jazz up a cardboard box with wrapping paper and ribbon, and you can add as little or as many gifts you like! 

To give you an example, here's a few of the things I put in my boyfriend's sister's hamper last year:
- a travel magazine
- a box of her favourite chocolates
- nail varnish
- some lovely relaxing bubble-bath
- a candle
- a bottle of her favourite wine
- a couple of face masks 

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