Book Review: The Rosie Project


I've literally just finished reading this book and I absolutely adored it! 

I was given the book for my Birthday from one of my closest friends, who recommended it. She studied English Literature at Uni and can easily get through two or three books a week, so I completely trust her opinion!

The story follows Don Tillman, a scientist who specialises in genetics. He reminded me very much of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory as he is on the autistic spectrum, very set in his ways, lives by a rigid structure and struggles when it comes to social skills. He devises a questionnaire to find the 'perfect woman' with whom he can share his life, but sadly with no luck! 

Don gives up, but then his friend Gene sends Rosie his way. Rosie is everything Don doesn't want in a relationship and Don's life is thrown completely into chaos!

...I could quite easily go on to tell you the rest of the story, but I don't want to spoil it for you!

I honestly couldn't put this book down. Normally I'll read a chapter a night and put the book down, but I found myself diving through about four or five chapters at a time, completely unaware how much time was passing by! The characters are totally believable and the plot (although a little stretched at times) came together really nicely.

It was a pleasant little read so I shall keep this one, and look forward to reading it again!

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