Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Guest Blogger: Charlotte from 'Charlotte Says What'

Hi all

Big thankyou to Steph for allowing me to guest on This beautiful daydream. I came across Steph and her Blog originally on Twitter while searching new blogs. After having a read through I realised some of our posts were quite similar and after finding her post searching for guest bloggers I just HAD to click follow and get in touch
The Cold Weathers Coming, Are You Excited Or Dreading It?

It feels like only yesterday I was posting pictures, status updates and tweets about how excited I was for summer. The weathers warmer, days get longer, hair gets lighter and skin gets darker. I had plans for Zante this summer ( that's another story ) so the majority of my posts were like so...

Yet before we know it it's all been and gone. That last three day weekend and bank holiday appears to many to symbolise that it's all down hill from there. No more cold ciders and good old british Barbeques. Septembers here, the kids are back at school, it's getting that little bit colder and Social Media begins with the annual far-too-early Christmas countdown.

It's not all doom and gloom though. There's still loads and loads to look forward to and love about the autumn and winter months ... And I've taken the pleasure of pointing them out by listing them in this post.

1) Sales .. Ok so these tend to start a little earlier than September, but it's the perfect time to hunting bargains for next year or your wintersun holiday

2) School / College starts again... Not great if you're a teacher ( sorry Steph ) but for the rest of us it means less teenagers hanging meaninglessly around the town ( yes I know we all did it ). Plus if you're a parent it means getting a little break from the munchkins or paying less for childcare.

3) Cold weather = going back to your 'winter' wardrobe.. Cozy jumpers, baggy hoodies, thick tights ( and not having to constantly shave your legs ) no more bikini body stress. Cute, scarves, gloves and beanie hats.

4) One word 'Onesies'.. It's now more acceptable to wear it all day, I mean it's cold after all, although probably not to work. No matter what the experts say they won't go out of fashion. With my collection I alone won't let it.

^^ sorry about the poor pic ( been really poorly this week. )

5) Halloween.. Ok, so although it's not as big here as in the states, it's still a good chance to dress up. If you have kids you can dress them up too as a cute ( I mean scary ) witch, wizard, zombie. Someone's bound to have a party and of course pumpkin carving.

6) Fireworks / Bonfire Night.. Remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot (I think that's the rhyme) Grab the friends, or family wrap up warm, buy some sparklers and head to the nearest display. Remember, pets won't enjoy the light and noise as much as you though. Keep them inside... Make plenty of oooh and ahhhh noises

7) Hot Chocolate... Wether it's, Starbucks, Costa or tucked up on the sofa at home. Autumn / Winter is hot chocolate season. What's not to love about chocolate?

8) Good TV is back.. Saturday nights are all about the Xfactor and Strictly. The perfect excuse to stay in curl up and save some money for the party season eeek.

9) Good Food.. No more bikini diets, good hot meals are here to stay for the next few months. Lasagne, cottage pie, spag bowl and good old British roasts ( ok a roast is all year round ) Winters the time to ditch the salad and become a foodie. Don't get me started on party food and drinking..

10) CHRISTMAS.. Every year it seems to get earlier and earlier and come around quicker and quicker. The parties, Christmas shopping, advent calendars, Santa, cheesy Christmas albums on repeat. Time to release your inner child and believe in the magic of the season. Watch the movies enjoy the food etc and try to remember what it's all about.. Be grateful, reminisce and accept that families; you can't live with them, can't live without them!

The cold weathers coming wether you like it or not.

May as well stick the kettle on, curl up in your onesie and think of all the positives.

Lots of love

Charlotte xx

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Salute To The 40s

Last weekend, my bf and I visited Chatham Dockyard for the Salute To The 40s celebration. I found out about it from a woman at work, who told me that she had visited last year and that it was well worth going. She definitely wasn't wrong! We booked tickets at just £14 each and was on our way!
I knew that lots of people would be dressed up in 40s clothing, but I thought this would just be those who were working on stalls and showing displays. I didn't anticipate just how many people would get involved, and it really did feel authentic. The live dancers were brilliant!
My bfs favourite part was the cars! He loved the Land Rover in particular. It's amazing to think that once upon a time, these were brand new out-of-the-factory-cars that were someone's pride and joy... and it's fantastic that people today, 70 years on, are still restoring and maintaining them. 
We decided to tour around the HMS Cavalier, which is celebrating its 70th Birthday this year. All I can say is 'Oh.. My.. Goodness...' I literally don't know how people managed to stay in such a confined space for such long periods of time. The sailors would eat together, sleep together and even use the bathroom together, and the corridors were so narrow, there was hardly enough room to squeeze past one another.
There was a gorgeous little market place where people were selling vintage items. I fell completely in love with a mustard coloured blazer jacket, but it was SO expensive! I managed to find a cute little blouse though for £4 which was a total bargain!
This lady's cart belonged to her mother and was originally used to sell homegrown fruits and vegetables at the market. Can you believe it's still in such good condition?
My favourite part was definitely the clothes! I've looked through hundreds of photographs of my grandparents when they were younger wearing these fashions and I've always loved them, but seeing people wearing the styles today - and in such a fantastic environment - made me feel so much closer to them. I wish I could show them these photographs, I wonder what they would have thought of it all?
There were sets laid out to look like shops and a petrol station from the 40s. The little corner shop was so cute. We take so many things for granted nowadays and it was interesting to see ration books and how each person would have collected their shopping.
I couldn't resist having my photo taken with this monster!
I doubt I'm the only person who thinks this, but the ambulance was terrifying! Seriously, I get so panicky when I think of doctors and hospitals so when I saw the inside of this truck, it really hit home A, how scary it must have been and B, how lucky we are today!
We took a tour of the HMS Gannett, which is about 100 years older than the other warship we walked on. Sadly due to the boat being repaired, we were only able to see about half of the ship, but it was fascinating to see just how different the two boats are - for starters, that this one's made mainly of wood and rope!
The live singers were great - the George Formby act was particularly good! I'd love to play the banjo!
It was such a brilliant day out and we were completely exhausted by the end! I didn't want to leave! I really hope they decided to hold the event again next year as it really was worth the visit. Hopefuuly I'll be able to dress up too!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review: Simple Facial Toner

I've used a lot of Simple products before - in fact I pretty much grew up using them - since I had sensitive skin when I was younger and Simple is renowned for being gentle and perfume free. I've recently introduced the bf to the brand too! 
I nipped into the shop the other day to get my usual miniatures - they're great for popping into your handbag, like mini Batiste and moisturisers - and saw a Simple facial toner. Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up purchasing it :-) I had kinda figured that it HAD to be good as I am definitely one for brand reputation.
Facial toners are great and help not only to cleanse your skin but also to help stabilise the pH balance and soothe and nourish it. The added bonus of multi-vitamins makes this particular toner a must-have!
It's recommended that you use toner twice a day after cleansing and I find it best to use round cotton pads, but you can also use cotton wool balls (or tissue if you're desperate, but be careful as it can be quite rough!)
A lot of toners are criticised for being quite harsh and drying to the skin but I have naturally oily skin and felt that this was perfect for me.

Since buying this bottle, I've now used up about a fifth of it, which - considering it's only a miniature - is quite good as is therefore long lasting! After only a week my skin genuinely does feel great and super-soft. My favourite part about it though is that it is good for sensitive skin and fragrance free! 

1. Sensitive and fragrance free!
2. Doesn't 'burn' like some other toners can
3. Doesn't leave any sticky residue 
4. Contains multi-vitamins
5. Isn't expensive

1. Umm.... I can't think of any! :-o

Note: this product is also available in a full-sized bottle too!