My Weight-Loss Journey


At the beginning of May my bf's sister got engaged. Don't get me wrong I do really like her and her fiancee is a sweetheart, but there was a small part of me that was really anxious. I'm not jealous at all, I'm super happy for them and can't wait for the big day to arrive, but I usually feel SO intimidated around her because she's very pretty and has a fantastic body. I then started to think about the engagement party which is due to take place in mid-August. All of her friends will be there as well as my bf's family. Of course I want to make a good impression, so I joined Weight Watchers.

I looked up my local class online and got in touch with the leader to ask her a few questions. She assured me that it would all be fine and that I could turn up, have a chat with her and join. I got my first month for just £10, so I thought that even if I only say for a month, it's not breaking the bank.

My leader gave me lots of helpful resources and showed me photos of her own weight-loss (You can't be a leader unless you've gone through it yourself!) She then gave me a list of foods that I am allowed to eat. Super scary, but actually surprisingly yummy!

I had a starting weight of 13st5lbs. 

I had told myself I wanted to lose a total of 3 stone.
I'm now halfway to my target weight-loss. In just 2 months I've safely lost a total 1st 10lbs.

I'm still continuing with the diet but I've noticed that I'm starting to plateau... which is when your body starts to stay the same and losing weight becomes harder. It's also extremely hard to resist temptation!

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  1. Well done you! That's such a transformation and you should be very proud of your hard work. Lisa x (@cthulhuwakes ~

  2. WOW. How amazing are you!! What a freakin awesome job and how amazing the results are. It's not always the actual amount of weight but the inches. Keep up the awesome work xo

  3. Well done! This has really inspired me - I currently want to lose at least a stone and I can't fit into a lot of clothes anymore. Clothes shopping isn't the same anymore because i don't dare buy anything too fitting. I was thinking about maybe trying slimming world as I know a few friends who've had successes. What do you think has helped the most?


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