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A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues recommended an app called Free Prints, however it wasn't until it popped up on my Twitter feed that I thought I would try it out! I downloaded the app - which was free - and started scrolling through the tutorial.

The app entitles you to 45 free prints per month, with a maximum of 500 per year. All you pay for is the postage! Sadly you are limited to only 1 copy of each photo, so if you really like a particular photo, you'll have to pay for the extra prints. You can also order larger sizes, but again you have to pay an additional fee for this too.

As I was a first time user, I got free p&p so my photos were completely free!!! I couldn't turn down an offer like that so I ordered my photos on Sunday afternoon and they arrived this morning - just 3 days!!

The quality of the photos is really good, but depends on the resolution of the picture. The app gives you a warning if the resolution is too low, so you have the option to change or remove the picture. I would say these are a sure contender against any of the photo machines at, for example, Boots, Tesco or Asda, as long as you are patient enough to wait for them to be delivered.

You can visit there website here:

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