Cosmopolitan Magzine and New Cid idrama Mascara Review


I've got to be honest, when it comes to advertising and the media, I'm an easy target. I get drawn in by pretty colours, offers and celebrities. I'm not proud of it, but hey, I'm only human! When I saw Cosmopolitan magazine staring at me from the supermarket shelves, I could hear it beckoning me to buy it. 

The magazine comes with a free gift too, either a New Cid mascara or New Cid cheek/lip tint. I chose the mascara.

Here are just some of the things I love about this month's issue...

1) The interview with cover girl Nicole Scherzinger was actually really interesting. If I'm honest, I'm not really a mega fan of her - that's not to say I don't like her, I just really have no opinion - so it was quite refreshing to read about her, but even more so about struggle with bulimia. 
2) Not only did the magazine come with a free full sized New Cid idrama mascara, but there's also a 20% off promo code inside! Win!
3) Denim, denim, denim! I love this super trendy spread on top summer buys.
4) I could not believe it when I read this article! "Could a selfie cost you your job?" erm, yes?!

The New Cid idrama mascara comes in a gorgeous white tube - which is actually quite a nice change from the standard black mascara tubes! It definitely stands out, not only on the supermarket shelf, but also when you're rummaging through your bag! (Yes, that's from experience!)

The brush is super soft and the mascara goes on nice and evenly without clumping. The tube is specially designed to remove excess mascara from the brush.

I may have got a little bit carried away when taking photos for this blog post... Haha!

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