Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New Make Up Bag, Woop Woop!

For a while now I've been looking for a pretty little make up bag to keep in my handbag. The only problem is that the majority of bags are quite big and, although they are very beautiful, I just don't have the room for them! 

It all started when this happened.... 

Yes, what started as just an average lipstick in my bag (with a very unreliable lid) has now been churned into a disgusting mess that I am not particularly wanting to use any time soon... it'd be like that Fatboy Slim music video for 'Lazy' where the man eats the hairy Mars bar... just. no.

Luckily for you though, I will be posting an entry soon about how to fix this problem *thumbs up*

Well, back to the story, I was aimlessly wondering around Poundland when a mass of bright colours caught my attention. A cute little owl phone case... sweet. Then it hit me... it's the perfect size, it has a zip, it has a little handle and it can squish down into small places... it's perfect!

Seeing as I keep this one in my bag, I only keep the essentials in it... the bits and bobs that I might need just to touch up parts, like eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I'm not really a person who wears foundation.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Book review: My Mad Fat Diary

After my last post, I stuck to my plan and read this book in the space of a week. I actually found it surprisingly easy because, as the book is made up of diary entries, it means you can get through a lot of pages quite quickly because they are quite spaced out. It also means that you can stop reading at any point and carry on later, which for me is a major plus point!

I'll be honest though, I didn't really love this book as much as I'd hoped. That's not to say I didn't like it - I did - but I think my mind had been pre-blown by the television series which, in my opinion, is in no way similar to the book, sorry! (If I hadn't watched the television series first, I would probably be a lot more positive!) 

The story follows the main character, Rae, short for Rachel, as she battles through everyday life as an overweight teenager, who has not long left a psychiatric hospital. Set in 1989, this real-life diary of a woman now in her late 30s, features the love interests, music interests and inner most thoughts that any young girl would have. 

Rae refers to all of her friends in code names, such as Haddok, Battered Sausage and Fig. Although these names were eventually easy to differentiate between, I found that I could not work out who is supposed to be Archie, Finn or Chop. Main characters such as Tix, Danny-two-hats and even the counsellor are not mentioned in the book! Very confusing for someone like me who has seen the program.

I found the book to be very comical and witty and I could definitely relate to parts of her story. It just goes to show that no matter what decade you grow up in, some things just don't change!

I would say that if you have not seen the tv series, or are at least prepared to read this book with an open mind, then I'm sure you will enjoy it :-)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Books galore...

I'd been procrastinating for a long time!

I knew it needed doing, but I could never be bothered to actually clear out the things in my bedroom. Eventually however, I started the humongous job a few weeks ago and it only now feels like I'm getting somewhere! 

My guilty pleasure is books! I love them: the feel of them, the smell of them, the designs of the covers and the mysteries they hold within them. The problem is, I'd bought way more books over the last two or three years than I actually had time for! Sadly, I had to give some of them away and sell a few others. They were ones I had pretty much bought on impulse or had been given by my mum's friend. The rest though, are currently in a plastic storage box in the conservatory. 

Here's a photo... Shocking isn't it! 

Believe it or not, there's over 100 books in that pile. Yes, some of them have already been read, but most of them are waiting... Just waiting for the light to finally grace their pages. 

So I've set myself a challenge. I know a LOT of bloggers do this anyway, so I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but I'd really like to read one book a week (or there abouts) until I can happily get rid of some without feeling guilty. Simple, yes, but for me it really WILL be a challenge! I love reading, but I'm SO easily distracted!

My book for this week is "My Mad Fat Diary" by Rae Earl. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

What a weekend!!

Wow, what a weekend I've just had! (That sentence is partly sincere and partly sarcastic)

On Saturday my boyfriend and I threw a World Cup BBQ. I've spent three weeks planning the day to a tee and religiously checking the weather forecasts. I'd made cakes, prepped the meat and the salad and decorated the house, although I decided to leave him in charge of the BBQ equipment (man likey fire!) It turned out that the one crucial thing that we needed, he'd forgotten - fire lighters! Luckily one of our friends popped out and got some for us, phew!

I'd also borrowed a projector from work so that we could watch the football outside, which despite my pessimistic boyfriend predicting otherwise, was a success. We later took the screen indoors and watched the match 'cinema style'. It was such a shame England lost, but at least we've still got two more games to prove ourselves!

Yesterday, however, was not so great! I'd driven my boyfriend to the local golf centre to look at some new clubs. On our way home though, my car decided it had had enough, and broke down. After restarting the car, luckily I managed to roll into a Burger King car park, which unbeknownst to me was to be our home for the next 7 hours! (Seriously, there's only so much i-spy you can play!)

I phoned the AA and told them I was 99% sure a coil had gone - a relatively quick and cheap repair! Long story short, the AA sent another company to come and look at my car due to the 'high demand', and even though the cost of the part should have only been around £20-£30, they decided to charge £110 for the part alone. I refused and told them I wanted a tow home. They then told me a truck would be along in "10-15 minutes". To my surprise a truck did indeed arrive, but the driver was not there to tow me home. Instead he said "I've got a coil for you". After explaining that I did not ask for the coil due to the extortionate price, he was very rude and angry, telling me "I've come here to sell you something, it's not my job to take you home". He then drove away.... Like I said, RUDENESS!!!

A few hours later we were finally saved by a proper AA lorry. When I told him what had happened, he was furious and logged an official complaint on my behalf. He said that the company should never have quoted me such a high price, and managed to get an official AA mechanic out to me the next morning. We eventually got home in the early hours of the morning, and after a quick text message to my boss, who agreed to let me come into work a bit later than usual, I went to sleep.

On the bright side, I got my first ride in a lorry :-)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Losing the Pounds for Summer

I finally plucked up the courage to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time...
I joined Weight Watchers!

I joined at the beginning of last month, using a voucher that entitled me to a month's membership for £10. I thought to myself, even if I try it for a month, what's the harm? But I can happily say that I have now started my second month and have already lost a whopping 12lbs (just 2lbs off a stone, d'oh!) I can't recommend it enough!

At first it was very difficult, I had to completely give up the sugary and greasy foods that I love such as chocolate, pizza and cake, and instead eat foods from the Simple Start list of 'Filling & Healthy' foods plus up to two treats per day from the 'Treats' list. Surprisingly, I actually found it quite enjoyable, and have now not eaten chocolate for a whole month - I can't believe it, that in itself is a miracle!

I'm now using the ProPoints system, which I'm still trying to get my head around. Basically, the points are calculated depending on the amount of fat, carbs, protein and fibre in a food and they have a great calculator on their website and on their mobile app so you know exactly what you're eating. To be honest though, I'm quite happy continuing with the Simple Start list!

I can't wait to finally feel more confident about myself!