My week in pictures


1. Toffee apples - I love this time of year, when toffee apples are on sale and everything becomes warm, crisp and autumnal
2. The best roast dinner I've ever made (if I do say so myself!)
3. We got out pumpkins this weekend, all ready for carving Tuesday night - if anyone has any good pumpkin recipes, throw them this way
4. What a lovely gift to receive. To cut a long story short, someone reversed into my sister-in-law's car and so, by means of apology, bought round a handmade chocolate fudge cake... Such a shame the sis is travelling in Thailand at the moment... :P
5. Even the cats are getting cosy! They're using their igloo at last (I don't know if that the technical term but it's what we call it) we've only been waiting YEARS for one if them to use it

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