My Week in Pictures


1. So I finally did it - I graduated! After 3 long years I finally got to wear the crazy gown and collect my certificate. The buildings were so amazing!
2. Salted caramel hot chocolate. This is my current obsession! This one was from Starbucks but I'm experimenting with my own recipe. Stay tuned for THAT post!
3. At work it's customary to bring in cakes on your birthday, but get this, it was a TRIPLE birthday. Yep, 3 of us at work all celebrating birthdays. Rather than just have the one day, we spread out 3 different cakes over a week. This was day 1-Krispy Kreme donuts. (I bought in homemade brownies for mine!)
4. My new watch. I used to wear a silver Calvin Klein watch and I loved it but it was just so impractical. The watch face was so small and there were no numbers. It was on telling the time at 12, 3, 6 or 9 o'clock, but anything in between was a guess. This one was a bargain from eBay (originally from Next). I love it!
5. This was my birthday cake. My boyfriends birthday was in September and my dads was at the beginning of October so wed had enough chocolate cake, I decided on Madeira for a change. The owl was very appropriate as I graduated 3 days later and now work in a school.

Happy Saturday people! :)

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    I just approved your ad for my blog and thanks for putting mine on your sidebars. Can you just fix my link so it redirects to my page? I think it's missing the dot in the .com

    Thanks girl.


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