The Olympics


Is anyone else watching the Olympic at the moment?
What do you think?

I've never really been one for watching sport (although I used to play a lot of sport at school before I got lazy!) but watching the Olympics on tv has made me realise that I actually do quite enjoy it.

In particular, I've enjoyed the diving. It's the only event that I've followed from beginning to end. I'm fully supporting this guy...


I can't believe he's only 18!

I wish I was more athletic. It's had such an effect on me that I've decided that I'm going to get fit and healthy. And this time I'm going to stick to it, not just try to do it for a couple of days!

I've been eating healthily, having fruit smoothies and NO CHOCOLATE (!!!) and, when I go back to work in September, I'm going to start using their gym on Friday nights. I'm hoping that I can lose a few pounds and get back into the clothes that are hiding in the back of my wardrobe. 

Anyone got any tips??

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  1. I only liked watching the diving too but I didn't get too into it! I wish I would have watched him. I'm so glad he won bronze!


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