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It's been a while since I had time to check what's hot on Pinterest so on this fine Sunday afternoon it was a real treat to be able to sit back, relax and browse to my content! Below are some of the images that really caught my eye this weekend...
1. I absolutely love Cath Kidston and this necklace really is beautiful! (Birthday list, hint hint!!)
2. Love, love, LOVE this outfit, smart-casual chic.
3. How I wish I wasn't on a diet! How yummy do those bad boys look?
4. The place I've been dreaming of going recently - I've never been to Ireland, but after watching PS I Love You and Leap Year this week, oh how I'd love to go!
5. Gorgeous nail art - I bow to you, madame
6. Did I mention I love Cath Kidston?? Love this photo album!

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  1. Ireland looks so beautiful! And those nails are amazing!


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