Wonderful Weekend


Eurgh, I cannot believe how ROUGH I feel right now. I'm currently tucked up in bed with the tv on and my laptop within arms reach. Of all times to get ill, it had to be THIS week :( Bad times!

I had such a good weekend. We stayed at Sedgebrook Hall hotel in Northampton for a family party and it was the first time the BF had met everyone. I felt bad for him, but he soon relaxed and started talking to one of my cousins about cars. 

The hotel was amazing. Sadly we didn't get chance to go for a swim in the pool as it was closed by the time we got back, but we had a game of pool in the bar and had a chance to relax and make the most of it. 

This is what I wore... I bought mine for £14.99 in TKMaxx, but apparently it's also available at New Look.

So now that the weekend's over I'm in bed with a cold, which is SO ANNOYING as I'm supposed to be going to the BF's graduation on Thursday. Anyone got any remedies to help me get better sooner??

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  1. That place looks so dreamy and amazing! I love your dress!


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