How to Wear It Wednesday: Tailored Shorts


Is anybody else addicted to 2 Broke Girls?

I LOVE Caroline's clothes, but there's one item in particular that, I think, looks stunning on her... her tailored shorts. There's no way I could get away with wearing shorts like that, but if you too want to copy her style, here's a few combinations of how to wear them...

1. Naturally Neutral
tailored shorts 1
I love my naturals and my nudes so it's no surprise really that I'm creating an outfit with these colours. Because the shorts expose a lot of leg, I decided to even out the balance and keep the top half covered. The tailoring on the shorts is quality and I love how the blue on the pendant really stands out and catches the eye. Perfect for any age!

2. Barely There

tailored shorts 2
Bare midriffs are key right now, so why not build an outfit compromising both elements? Be careful not to go overboard though, exposing too much flesh can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. I love the cropped to with the rucksack, it's so 90's. Anyone else thinking 'Saved by the Bell' right now?

3. Pretty in Pink and Pearls
tailored shorts 3
The great thing about tailored shorts is that they don't just come in greys and tweeds. More recently prints are on the catwalk and all over the high street. This, for me, is the ultimate summer outfit, whether it's lazing about in the park with friends or on the beach with that special someone, this outfit says cool, calm and oh so fashionable!

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  1. I started watchnig the show here in London and I love it! :) tit´s great... and yes, the clothes.... :D

    jump and twirl


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