Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hair Envy

These gorgeous ladies have definitely got it going on. Their luscious locks are shining and it's a sure sign that summer's nearly here.

I recommend:

The colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners by both John Frieda and Phil Smith are top of my list. They made my hair feel soft and shiny for 2 days. I did, however feel that they made my hair go greasy quite quickly!

I also recommend Percy and Reed moisturising conditioner, however I did find that it left my hair feeling a bit sticky after. My hair looked gorgeous, soft and altogether perfect for a night out, but I felt I had to wash it the next day because of the texture, so if you're looking to make it last longer, I'd use something different.

I'm currently in a dilemma. As much as I love having long hair, I'm getting bored with it. I'm naturally brunette and I don't really fancy dying it because I actually quite like my colouring, but I just don't know what to do with it or how long to have it. I'm also considering a side fringe but I don't know if it'll work. I need to sort it out soon though!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to Wear It Wednesday: Wide Leg Trousers

Being very conscious of my legs, I often opt for wide leg trousers, but it' important to get the 'balance' right with the image. Wide leg trousers can look quite baggy, and, if teamed with a baggy top, you risk looking like a sack of potatoes, swamped by your own clothes!

1) Smart/Casual

wide leg 3
This is my own personal image when I'm out and about. The tailored t-shirt will balance out your top half and is very flattering! I adore the shoes - they're on my Christmas list!

2) Natural Bohemian
Wide leg 2
I love this look. It's so bohemian, light and airy. The earthy tones give the look a natural feel and the texture of the linen trousers add to this. The wooden and bronzed bangles and wedge sandals were chosen to compliment the natural theme. Although the top is loose fitting, the cinched in waist adds shape and detail.

3) Work
wide leg 4

A perfectly tailored blouse is key to carrying off this image, regardless of the colour. The mary-jane style shoes ass formality to the look.