Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How To Wear It Wednesday: Neon

Neon is a trend that is bold, daring and sometimes quite intimidating. You often see different colours together that can look messy and kill the outfit.

So here are some ways to wear neon in different scenarios.

1) Light and Girlie

neon 1

I love this look and I LOVE those shoes! 
This look is calm, pretty and flattering. The neon pink skirt draws your eye and the (slightly pale) neon green accessories set the neon image 

2) Bold and Daring

neon 2

If you've got the confidence to carry off this image, then I salute you. While I personally don't think I have the confidence, I love the way that the bold colours and tiger print ooze zest and certainty. Initially, the outfit was based around the jeans, however after finding the vest, this was perfect as a focal piece. The bright colours are toned down by the corresponding black and white tiger print bag and is based with plain black and brown boots.

3) Big Night Out

neon 3

In order not to come across like a neon explosion, my going out outfit is kept sassy and sweet by choosing matching accessories, in this case, all pink! 

4) Cool and Casual


This is perhaps my favourite look of the four. The hints of neon are coordinated and understated, which, for me, is all the more attractive. 

I love neon... and neon parties... 
In fact I wore an outfit very similar to outfit no.3 to a party not so long ago.

What do you think? Should neon be left in the nineties? 
Would you wear it out with confidence? Or would you save it for the special occasions?
Let me know! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I Just Don't Get It

Can someone PLEASE help me out here!

I'm so confused...

I just don't get it...

What is with men's fashion right now?!

Maybe it's just me... maybe it's because I'm not a dude... but I really don't understand the graphics on men's t-shirts.

Here is just a small selection available from Burtons...

I'll admit the graphics don't actually show any nudity... 
but it's still a bit... weird... don't you think?

I mean, maybe if I was a guy, I'd be proud to display a girl on my chest, but it's just embarrassing to look at. Do children need to see this? I think not!

Why do we want to look at other girls' bits and bobs everytime we pass in the street? Isn't it also a bit demeaning to imply that women are fast? (see the first picture)

In my opinion, the sooner this 'fashion' trend is over, the better!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to Wear It Wednesday: Leopard Print

To say that today's Wear It Wednesday is based around leopard print, probably conjures up images of Bette Lynch and faux fur, however leopard print is a growing trend.

Leopard print is one of those things that, if worn well, can look amazing, however can easily turn into a disaster. When it comes to animal prints, I think less is definitely more.

So here are some ways to wear the print in different scenarios.

1) Casual: shopping, at the park, 

leopard print 1

Leopard print and the colour pink generally go very well together, however rather than creating a clash of colours, I've kept the pink subtle as a pastel shade. The grey of the jumper compliments this wonderfully.

leopard 3
Alternatively, if this is too daring, it can be toned down with soft beiges and neutral tones.

2) Girls' Night Out 

Leopard 2

Worn in the wrong way, leopard print may give a raunchy impression, however subtle leopard print highlights will, instead, give a classy, more stylish appearance. The plain black dress doesn't 'overload' the image by making it too busy with too many colours and patterns. I absolutely love the shoes and the bead detailing on the bag is gorgeous.

3) At the Office
leopard 4
Leopard print is daring, but work doesn't have to always be dull. A cute leopard print top matched with plain office wear can look very elegant. Just make sure that the cut of the top is flattering and tailored to your body type and does not swamp you!

I have a leopard print dress in my closet that I've worn ONCE on a night out. I tried it on in the fitting rooms before buying it and was unsure whether I liked it or not, but was persuaded into buying it because my friend thought it suited me.

I learned something that day...
If you're not comfortable in something, don't buy it!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to Wear It Wednesday: The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is possibly the one statement dress that every girl should have in their wardrobe!
Perfect for summer, they're cool, lightweight and suit any body shape. But what's the best way to wear them? What do you wear them with? You don't want to look like you're wearing too much of one colour.

So here are some ways to wear the Maxi Dress in different scenarios.

1) Casual: shopping, at the park, 

Maxi Dress 1
If you're planning on wearing a maxi dress, the denim jacket is a MUST. Apart from protecting your shoulders in the sun, the jacket brings a much more casual look to the dress, incorporating different colours and textures. A different colour jacket will also give a different effect. I've selected a light blue washed jacket for a summery, light feel, but if you were to add a dark blue or even black jacket, it would give a more formal effect. The wedges and bag compliment each other due to the straw texture and the light tan colours are softening.

2) Formal: at a wedding, the first date

Maxi Dress 2

In this scenario, I've decided to select one particular colour from the dress and accent it with matching accessories. The shoes and bag have a very similar texture, which softens the look and adds a 'glow'. I chose to add a light bolero, rather than a long jacket, to the piece so that it is light and does not swamp the dress by making it look too heavy. The brown belt breaks up the colour brilliantly and defines the waist area. The look is then finished with a pair of sunglasses.

3) Glamorous: at a party, at a bbq

maxi dress 3

To add a hint of glamour I've decided to add a hint of gold. Not only will this reflect the sun and add a 'sparkle' to your look, but also gives the impression of elegance and glamour. The long necklace enhances the torso area and makes it took longer, with gold cuffs on the wrists to enhance the length and slenderness of the arms also. 
There's something a little 'Egyptian Goddess' about this image and it definitely emanates value and confidence.

What do you think?
What's your favourite look?
Do you have a maxi dress? How do you wear yours?