Thursday 13: Stuck on a Desert Island


So, if I were stuck on a desert island...

1) Well I would most definitely want that man ^ with me. We'd have so much fun and it'd make the time spent waiting for a boat/helicopter to rescue us go so much faster! We can literally have fun in an empty house - no tv, no radio... seriously, before all the furniture was moved in to the house we played hide and seek for HOURS! We eventually gave up after he won by hiding in a kitchen cupboard for half an hour

2) A radio... preferably one with an everlasting battery... or a wind up one? I don't think I could survive without SOME kind of background noise or something to sing along to eventually

3) A camera so I can take photos to remember all our adventures

4) Some kind of sun block would be quite useful...

5) A knife/saw. I'm  technology teacher and my BFs an engineer so between us I think we could make quite a lot with a knife and all the trees there... maybe a house, some furniture, a boat?!

6) A decent supply of Pepsi Max. It's pretty much all I ever drink

7) A guitar, so I could play and write my own music if I get bored

8) I don't have a kindle - I'm an old fashioned book person - but in this circumstance I think it could be quite useful. Pre-loaded with a million books of course! I've heard the battery life is amazing?

9) A blanket - because islands can get REALLY cold at night apparently

10) A saucepan/frying pan - just one would do

11) Sunglasses

12) Toothpaste... Well I figured I wouldn't need deodorant because I could go wash in the sea whenever I wanted, and I wouldn't need shampoo or make up because no-one's going to see me anyway. But I think I WOULD need toothpaste. Although I might need a brush too... unless I use my finger or a twig?

13) Argh, I didn't want to have to write this last one, but it's true - it's not a phone, it's not an ipod, it's not a dvd player or anything..... I absolutely couldn't live without my macbook and a wi-fi connection, because it does all those things - Skype, YouTube, etc. PLUS I can blog about how much fun it is and all the stuff to do. Above all though, if I had my macbook with me, I could skype/email/google someone for help and they could find exactly where I am and rescue me when I get bored!

Aunie Sauce

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  1. It would be sooo hard to live without a mac book! I made my list as well! However, my list is a little more out there ;) Yours is much more practical! If either of us were to survive I am pretty sure it is you!


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