Thursday 13: Favourite Ways To Spend Time


Today's Thursday 13 is all about things I enjoy doing in my spare time.
(Although I don't seem to be getting much at the moment!)

1) Reading. I'm a book obsessive! I can't help it, the smell, the size, the colours, the story... At the moment I'm (still) reading Left Bank by Kate Muir. I have a ton of new books to read. The next on my list is called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. My friend Laura recommended it to me as it's her favourite. Has anyone else read it?

2) Cooking. Celebration cakes, cupcakes, curry's, chicken, bread, risotto... I love it!

3) DVD nights. With friends or alone, you can't beat it.

4) Blogging. I'm still a newbie but I love it and I've met so many nice people already :) Pleasure to have met you all!

5) Thrifting. Yes, I'm addicted to eBay - I do have a life (I promise!) - and second hand (thrift) charity shops but this one's gotta go on the list. I love a bargain and I like that the money goes to a good cause, rather than someone else's back pocket!

6) Shopping/window shopping! Same as the above really. I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money, but I can physically walk around the mall for hours, especially when you're deep in conversation with a girl-friend. Current record - 7 hours!

7) Playing with the cats. I never used to be a 'cat person' but now I'm a 'crazy cat lady'. How could this little one not melt your heart?

8) Spending quality time with the boyf. Simple. Summed up in three words... I love him <3

9) Starbucks meet-ups. I don't get to see my friends much anymore. We lead different lives, have different jobs and live in different areas so it's extra special when we do meet up.

10) Organizing. I'm a list writer. I write lists for anything and everything!

12) Shooting some pool.

13) Going to the beach! 

Aunie Sauce

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  1. Love love love your list! I try to meet up at Starbucks with friends too :) Your beach photo has me swooning... I'm so longing for some spring sun!


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