Thursday 13


Yey, it's Thursday again!

Not only does that mean it's one more day til Friday, but it also means it's time for this week's Thursday 13!

And this week it's The Last Thursday 13... no, I don't mean it's the last one ever (or at least I hope not!) it means I have to tell you 13 things that I last did... you'll see what I mean when you start reading :) Enjoy!

1) The last person I texted was my boyfriend, telling him that I got to uni ok 

2) The last time I cried was last weekend - I was overwhelmed, not sad.

3) The last thing I ate was a cheese and ham wrap :) It was delicious.

4) The last thing I bought was a book... on eBay! (I seriously gotta stop looking on eBay - I'm addicted!)

5) The last DVD I watched was 'John Tucker Must Die'.

6) The last time I went abroad was when I went to Spain in 2003. I travel around lots in this country though. 

7) The last person I hugged was my boyfriend 

8) The last time I saw my best friend was in July 2011... sad times... I miss him everyday but I know he's with me wherever I am, guiding me and keeping me safe <3

9) The last book I read was called His Other Lover by Lucy Dawson. I quite like her storylines. At the moment I'm reading Left Bank by Katie Muir

10) The last song I listened to was Littlest Things by Lily Allen. LOVE her.

11) The last time I ordered a take away, they took over 2 hours to deliver. I was annoyed... and hungry.

12) The last sponsor swap was with Kaity at Adventures of an American Girl... Go check her out here! 

13) The last thing I thought was, 'I really need to start my university assignments'... damn!

The Last 13 Things

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  1. John Tucker Must Die is one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed reading these!

    1. Thanks - it's such a funny film, it even had my boyfriend in fits of laughter! He didn't want to watch it at first but at the end he agreed it was "actually pretty good"!

  2. Hey! I'm new to your blog, but...are you from Australia? I noticed "uni" and "take away" - makes me miss my Aussie friends (although I'm from the states). John Tucker Must Die = hilarious!


    1. hey, thanks for the comment - no I'm not from Australia, I'm from England. I guess the language is pretty similar.

      Gonna go check out your blog :)

  3. Love that Lily Allen song! Great list my dear! Thank you for linking up!



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