THAT Reiss Dress


Ok, so let's be honest, who HASN'T heard of the Reiss Shola dress?! Ever since Kate Middleton, sorry, Princess Kate - wore her Shola dress to meet the Obamas, people have been copying the style. Reiss sold out... twice!

Now there is no way I can afford to pay £190 for the dress (never mind the fact that it's sold out!) so when I saw this one in New Look at a fraction of the price, I was over the moon! I had a couple of parties and business events to go to, so I ordered it. Brilliant! ...Or so I thought.

As soon as I opened the package, I KNEW something was wrong... deep down I knew I wouldn't like it. Something about the jersey material just didn't make me say 'wow' and the colour! Well, it was BROWN! I hated the way it clung to me. Honestly, I think I'd have to be 4ft and super skinny because it was so short I felt uncomfortable! Really! I felt fat!

(I should've realised, even the model above looks uncomfortable!)

So after a moment of moping, I thought, sod it! I'm going to make one!

Now let me be clear here, I have never even attempted at making my own clothing. The most I've ever done is an ipod pouch and a few stitches here and there, sewing straps on to tops, so I'm super excited to see how it turns out!

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