Spring 2012 Fashion


I was watching This Morning this morning and, as always, I LOVE watching the fashion and styles they show because they are affordable and current. Don't get me wrong, but there are always things that I think 'Oh dear, I would not wear that!' (sorry!) but this morning, I was pleasantly surprised! 
Well done Mr. Glen Campbell for your selection!

Items that were featured include...


Bag: Monsoon, Green Mac: Hobbs at John Lewis, Orange dress: Oasis

The important thing to remember when you;re trying to rock out a bight colour, such as the green mac, is to ground it with a dark colour, such as a black top underneath, to balance the look.

But the thing that REALLY caught my eye?

This man...
I've always loved him, so when I found out that this man (Gok Wan) has his own clothing line at TU, Sainsbury's is was thrilled (how was I not aware of this?!) and next season he is due to release a series of brightly coloured items, including a gorgeous shift dress, only £40! 

Unfortunately, Gok's new line hasn't been released yet (expected at Easter) so I can;t get any pictures to show you... YET. I'll upload one once I find one.

I will definitely be waiting for this to be released.

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