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I get a lot of samples to review, and this time I selected to review Christina Aguilera's fragrance.

This was Aguilera's first fragrance and was released in 2007. The bottle is available in a 30ml or 50ml bottle and is an elegant shape, with intricate detailing on the glass. The glass is quite thick and does not feel like it would instantly break if I were to drop it (however I have not tried this!) and the lid is a solid plastic and feels quite robust. The fragrance is also available as part of a gift set, accompanied by body lotions, however I have not tested the body lotions.

The fragrance is easy to apply with a spray nozzle and produces a light, refreshing mist. The bottle is comfortable to hold while applying due to it's long, thin shape. 

The actual smell is light and fresh with floral and vanilla tones.

I applied this to both my neck and wrists, however unfortunately, the scent does not last very long and became almost unnoticeable after about an hour. Constant re-application would probably be necessary in this case, resulting in quick consumption of the fragrance.

I am not a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, so in all honestly, I do not think I would have chosen this fragrance based on the brand, however the fragrance is pleasant and promiscuous and is suitable for daytime or evening use.

This perfume is currently selling for £14.99 at the Perfume Shop, however it's best to look around first as Wilkinson and ASDA are competitive alternatives.

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  1. your so sweet to remember my birthday!

    oh i wish i had fancy perfume, now i know who to go to for advice on what to get!


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