Primark re-fashion


A couple of years ago i bought this top/dress from Primark. It was cheap, around £4, and i thought it was cute so i thought, why not?!

It's strapless (the white straps in the photo are the loops to hold it on the coat-hanger) and a light blue and white gingham check. Perfect for summer.

However when i bought it home and tried it on, it just didn't suit me at all, despite teaming it up with leggings, tights, cardigans and belts!
So time flew by, and i forgot to return it. It seemed such a shame to not wear it or sell it. So, as i only spent £4 on it, i decided to re-fashion it. Obviously, if it had cost a fortune i would have returned it and would never had dreamt of cutting it up, but i had nothing to lose!

So i chopped off the bottom until i was happy with the length and hemmed it and used the excess material to create straps for the top, creating a cross over at the back.

I love the top now and wear it with a white cardigan for a cute look, 3/4 length denims for summer and a black blazer for nights out.

Definitely worth it <3

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