Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas is Almost Here! :D

I'm so excited about Christmas that I've started wearing my Christmas pjs! I got them for Christmas last year, but because it was already Christmas day, thought it was too late to wear - so I've got them out this year! I'm actually really happy with them. They're from Primark and I'm actually really impressed with them! So comfy :D

Anywhoo, on top of that, I finally bought myself a Christmas jumper! I've been looking for one for AGES but it's never been quite right. I had my eye on this one from TwoGiraffesHugging but unfortunately it sold out - SO gutted!!

But this new one's from ebay and is lush. I can't wait til it arrives!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bourjois Paris Promotion

I went into Superdrug to get some new eyeliner and I couldn't help but notice a promotion that Bourjois Paris was running. It was 3 for 2 on all items PLUS you get a free make up bag with party essentials make up - it even includes a full bottle of mascara which on it's own is worth £10!

So all in all, i spent just under £14 and got:
Clubber mascara (£7.99)
Clubber liquid eyeliner (£5.99)
Eyeshadow (free - 3 for 2)
Make up bag
Loose powder eyeshadow
Eyeliner pencil
Mini blusher

Not bad, eh!

Click the picture to go the the official Bourjois website!